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Mana Tabei





We are pleased to announce that advance tickets for the Kirameki Art Festival have been on sale since 10 January 2024 at 0:00. Please make use of the advance tickets, which are available at a discount of 200 yen from the regular price.

Ticket types, including advance tickets, are as follows.


前売りフリーパスチケット 大人¥1,300 ※2/9(金)23:59まで

・図録付きフリーパスチケット ¥3,000 ※図録発送には会期終了後約1年を想定

<Electronic tickets>

・Advance ticket Adult ¥1,300 *until 23:59 on 9 February (Fri).

・Ticket with catalogue ¥3,000 *About one year after the end of the exhibition period is expected for the catalogue to be sent out.


フリーパスチケット 大人¥1,500 ※2/10(土)0:00~芸術祭会場現地で販売

<Paper tickets>

・Ticket Adult ¥1,500 *Sold from 0:00 on 10 Feb (Sat) at the Art Festival venue.



High school students and younger are admitted free of charge, so please come directly to the exhibition venue during the exhibition period, present your ID and receive a ticket.

 The catalogue will be delivered approximately one year after the end of the exhibition.

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