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About Kirameki Art Festival

 "What is sculpture?"

 It may be a bronze statue in a park, a Buddhist statue, or some other obscure monument in front of a train station.

 The word "sculpture" was coined in Japan during the Meiji period (1868-1912) as a translation of the Japanese word "sculpture.Sculpture" at that time was said to be either wood carving or clay sculpture, but that is not the case today, and it is still wavering among an infinite variety of materials, techniques, and thoughts, including the use of sound, light, and 3D printing. What was once called "sculpture" no longer exists. In the history of art that we are creating now, we must continue to look forward and look back from time to time. I think this is the first step. No one can define "sculpture" today, but what does it mean to each curator and each work of art?

 In the Kirameki Art Festival, we can see the relationship between each curator and his or her sculpture,the Kirameki Art Festival is an art festival where you can see the relationship between the sculpture and each person's thoughts, and feel various kinds of feelings all at once.


What is the Strangerniyoroshiku Executive Committee?

 Strangerniyoroshiku Executive Committee is a voluntary organization established in Tokyo in 2021.

 We plan and organize art festivals and exhibitions as activities by artists for artists, organized by artists.

 We believe that new values created by artists are the foundation for the development of art and culture, and that the initiative of artists is extremely important. However, the autonomy of the artists is now influenced by evaluation standards that have been formed and fixed over a long period of time, this is a difficult situation for artists who are trying to create new value.

 In order for the Japanese art industry to hope for cultural development and for artists and those who handle their works to coexist and co-prosper on an equal footing while respecting each other's independence, it is necessary to strongly emphasize the independence of artists in this age of change. In order for artists to regain their independence in the true sense of the word, we believe it is very important to continue our activities and to create the soil for artists to create new values, not only for the artists of today, but also for the artists of the future who will shape the coming era,the Strangerniyoroshiku Executive Committee continues its activities.

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